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Dr. Zack Varughese

Senior Pastor & President

International Christian Assembly of Tulsa

My Story

Dr. Zack Varughese was born and raised in India in an orthodox Christian family. He loved Jesus from a very early age. At 23, he had an extraordinary encounter with Jesus and committed his life to serving him. While working a secular job as a medical representative, Dr. Zack started preaching the Gospel in Southern India. He pastored two churches in Southern India before he moved to the United States in 1979.

Dr. Varughese has continued to serve Christ ever since. For the past 47 years, he has served in multiple concurrent roles as a Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, and Missionary. His teaching and prayers have brought salvation and deliverance to many in the US and internationally.


Along with his work in ministry, Dr. Varughese has continued to work in healthcare. Dr. Varughese previously served in healthcare administration and is now a Clinical Professor at Oklahoma State University.


Dr. Zack and his wife Susan have been married for 45 years and are blessed with three children and four grandchildren. Dr. Zack and his family love the Lord and serve diligently in His kingdom. They are committed to exalting Jesus and bringing glory and honor to His name.


I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Our Pastors

Pr Joseph Schmidt,   Pr Patras Parvez,   Dr Zack Varughese (Senior Pastor),   Pr Denny Jacob,   Pr James Joy


Our Elders & Board Members

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